Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Having grown beyond its constraints.. the Butterfly emerges.. it's transition complete.. who would say that this creature could emerge from such a simple thing as a caterpillar. That's now I feel with the very world laying at my feet.

I feel a few updates are necessary - this may or may not be relevant or interest you but oh well:

1. I handed in my notice at work almost 3 months ago and finish working with my current employer in 3 more days. I'm sad to leave but the heart desired a greater challenge.

2. I'll be starting a new job in April. Which gives me just over a month to acclimatise and relax and unwind and to this end I'll be ditching the UK shores & spending 2 weeks in Dubai and just under a week in Barcelona.

3. Olli didn't call

4. Cue S. S for clarification is the guy I met when I went to see a performance of Oliver Twist. Jay bless was so not acting cool that night. But oh well everyone needs to be embarrassed once in a while. LOL.

5. GIL has invited me to the Science Museum tmrw night. Jay WILL be acting cool tmrw when S comes down to the Science Museum - which has a late opening for adults =)

6. Jay leaves to return to New York Saturday =(

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madgal said...

quite an update....

that all i can say. My next update may or may not consite of cloudless windows????

madgal said...
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tyler said...

thanks for the update.
approach your new working life with fervor: work hard, work wisely, be a mensch, george.

savante said...

Quite a lot of change in your life :) Hope all goes well!

Jules said...

I can't wait to her all about your trip, you're so ready to take on your new job, despite missing the people at your old job, Olli doesn't deserve you and Jay will still ba accessible!


Monty said...

Hey, it's been ages! Have you met up with GIL previously? He's pretty cool isn't he! Hope all is good with you...congrats on the job situation.


jay said...

Ahem, it's been like 2 months! Not only have i left London but you've been back from both Dubai and Spain for awhile. How is the new job going mate?