Friday, 30 January 2009


When a boulder is stationary it has virtually no momentum. But give it but a slight push & the speed at which it picks up momentum is both spectacular & inevitable esp when it's on a slope.

I am that boulder. But I don't feel particularly momentus at the moment.

Trouble is I'm not sure I'm ready to be pushed.. but I hate regret more than anything else in the world & I refuse to live by any of the coulda, shoulda, woulda's that usually plague the minds of the many.. so whilst I was out & about.. in the spirit of forward momentum & networking I did something that surprised even me - I gave my number to a guy completely out of my league. The first time since my break-up. Momentus hardly feels adequate to describe it.

Ultimately whether or not Olli chooses to call.. at least I went home without any regrets and a sense of winning a small victory.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

Blimey how on Earth has another year passed me by already? There is so much I have yet to do, so many things yet to see, so so so very many things.

This is about the time of my yearly dit where I look back on the year gone.

This has been one of the best & most interesting years of my life and at the same time the worse too.

Whilst my initial meeting with X was a sexually charged cat & mouse game.. the relationship we now share has evolved well beyond that. He has earnt the rank & position of one of my dearest friends. He is akin to family now - that essentially sums up everything perfectly.

With him (X) in my life many many others have come. Some have stayed.. some have gone. But the important ones have all stayed & my relationship with them all has gone from strenght to strenght. Through him I met the Twin. And well she merits a specific standalone mention.

I met Charles this year too. I'll just say lessons have been learnt & leave it at that. However I do think he will forever define & shape my future relationships. But like they say 'live and learn'.

Meeting Jules & Jay for the first time - no words there. So great.

I suppose this now leaves the need to look forward. Unlike previous years I'm not gonna make a chain of New Year Resolutions but just a few:


Not sure how I'll achieve this but I'll be damned if I don't try.