Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Having grown beyond its constraints.. the Butterfly emerges.. it's transition complete.. who would say that this creature could emerge from such a simple thing as a caterpillar. That's now I feel with the very world laying at my feet.

I feel a few updates are necessary - this may or may not be relevant or interest you but oh well:

1. I handed in my notice at work almost 3 months ago and finish working with my current employer in 3 more days. I'm sad to leave but the heart desired a greater challenge.

2. I'll be starting a new job in April. Which gives me just over a month to acclimatise and relax and unwind and to this end I'll be ditching the UK shores & spending 2 weeks in Dubai and just under a week in Barcelona.

3. Olli didn't call

4. Cue S. S for clarification is the guy I met when I went to see a performance of Oliver Twist. Jay bless was so not acting cool that night. But oh well everyone needs to be embarrassed once in a while. LOL.

5. GIL has invited me to the Science Museum tmrw night. Jay WILL be acting cool tmrw when S comes down to the Science Museum - which has a late opening for adults =)

6. Jay leaves to return to New York Saturday =(

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