Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Milano Baby

Milan baby. The Dreamer is off to Milan tmrw. Woo hoo. Well its just for the day... but who cares? Right now my philosophy is: one should never resist spending well earned money on ones self. Plus its like Fashion week or something I'm told and that can never be a bad time to go to Milan.

The week after that I have a week-long trip to Turkey. Recent circumstances have had me to my wits end with certain people but there are days where I feel like a new dawn is just around the corner.. others unfortunately where it feels like there is no end to the sucky life that seems to linger on me like a bad smell. So with all that in mind Turkey is gonna be heaven - I'm gonna leave my phone at home and pretend the world doesn't exist anymore. It will be fab.

Plus in November, the Sardinian gang is headed to Amsterdam (woo hoo) for a long weekend - well except Rahul who will be the exception but he claims he can't come and has some valid reasoning (in his mind anyway).

I'm finally getting caught up with the blogs I've been neglecting recently. My iPhone is certainly helping as it means that I can catch up on a few blogs during my train journey home. I think there are still 2/3 I still need to frequent and update the blogroll to the ones I've missed out. What ever happened to Kev in NZ? Has anyone got a link to his blog - I can't seem to locate mine anymore :o(

Anyways better dash - just got in from Excel Training (which was such a waste of my department's training budget but at least I had a day off work) and I've yet to kick back in joggers.

Kisses to all xXx

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Well one of my greatest regrets in starting my first blog was my opening post got virtually no mention of it being the first post. Since this is hardly my first post.. rather it would be my 223rd post - it hardly seems appropriate. Oh well. Guess that regret still stands.

I'm wagering that some of you would be aware of the reasons behind the disappearance of SSD behind a veiled curtain here but if not that story will remain untold until another day - I'm hardly about to taint my new blog with such misery - this blog is all about looking forward and moving on and I'm not gonna sit here and wallow on what is to me ancient history. Maybe there will be a day that happens - but that day definitely isn't today.

Today is merely about invites and tinkering with settings and layouts.