Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pleasant Surprises

I’d like to think I know my friends pretty well. But there are always moments when one says something that even in a million years you’d never have been expected or even been prepared for.

Hmm I’ve kinda lost track of the names I’ve given some friends for blog purposes, but for the illustration of this post, we’ll call said friend Yazelda.

Several months ago, Yazelda invited me and a few other close friends to his place for a sleepover. Now hold tight for this statement: But as a kid I was never really allowed to partake in anything resembling a sleepover – unless it was family. So as an aspect of my repressed childhood I usually leap at suggestions of sleepovers - invitation in hand off I went (old familial restrictions no longer hold sway with me).

So as part of the evening entertainment – we decided to play “Truth or Dare”. Now there was a time ago where the idea of playing such a game (and the dares that could ensue) would have had me trembling in fear but the years have made me coarser, blunter, less reserved, shameless and more confident.

I don’t think I got any dares or truths that even came close to making me blush but what caught me off guard was when someone asked Yazelda the question ‘with exception of your boyfriend, who in this room would you go out with?’ (maybe it was have sex with.. I don’t recall)’.

Now as far as I’m concerned Yazelda is by far the best looking guy in the room.

Now with several good looking guys in the room – the Dancer, the Italian (I’ve definitely mentioned him before), the PR Boi (cute and sweet), and Lips (damn the guy has the brightest pink lips I’ve ever seen - FYI the second best looking guy in room after Yazelda in my opinion) – I’m therefore totally unprepared when yazelda says ‘Amit’. I was expecting him to say Lips or Dancer.

I’m sure I’ve misheard. I know I don’t look like a troll but I don’t expect to be picked over Lips or the Dancer. I just don’t. It's only when he looks up and smiles that it sinks in that he did indeed say me.

Strange. That really really did surprise me.

Just goes to show that you should never think someone is out of your league. Takes me back to high school.. when I fancied this girl called V. Man I dotted over this girl for over four years, and on the fifth year of knowing her, when the crush had lost its hold.. I was a little drunk when I turned to her in a pub, took hold of her shoulders, looked her in level in the eye and said ‘You know.. you might not have ever known this. But I had the biggest crush on you in high school’. She kept her gaze level and said ‘Well you might not have known this but I had a crush on you too back then.’

So the motto is: Never hold back. If you fancy someone, or ever fancied someone that doesn’t know.. do yourself a favour and go tell them. You never know what the result will be.


Time said...

I am absolutely delighted for you. Many congratulations for you have a beautiful heart and a golden soul. While time did not allow us the same fate, yes we stumbled and fell some months back; I am so glad that a smile stretches from one cheek to the other, once more. Time heals sometimes, best of luck xx

Jules said...

You are totally "pickable" in a room full of hot guys, Bhaiya! Gosh, give yourself some credit! You're absolutely delicious!!

Truth or dare... fun. I can't even recall the last time I played that game. I think I was a teenager, like, 13 years old... and I got dared to run out into the street naked. I did it! I'm sure I wouldn't do that nowadays!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I played Troofz or Darez in college once. I gave some dude a quick peck on the lipz and then his BF found out and yelled @ him. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Tht was such a well written post..I wholeheartedly agree with the last para :)