Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Well one of my greatest regrets in starting my first blog was my opening post got virtually no mention of it being the first post. Since this is hardly my first post.. rather it would be my 223rd post - it hardly seems appropriate. Oh well. Guess that regret still stands.

I'm wagering that some of you would be aware of the reasons behind the disappearance of SSD behind a veiled curtain here but if not that story will remain untold until another day - I'm hardly about to taint my new blog with such misery - this blog is all about looking forward and moving on and I'm not gonna sit here and wallow on what is to me ancient history. Maybe there will be a day that happens - but that day definitely isn't today.

Today is merely about invites and tinkering with settings and layouts.


Random Thinker said...

I am honored to be the first to comment on your first post to your new blog!

Thanks for the invite!

franck said...

Tinker away!

GB said...

I said this to, um, a certain guy you know SSD, so I may as well say it to you too. I reckon blogging is better in the open! None the less, many thanks for the invite to your new private blog :-).

Good luck with it, GB xxx

Brent said...

Good luck on your journey : )

shell said...

One of my sons new favorite movies is Disney's Meet the Robinsons.
My favorite quote:
"Keep moving forward"
Lots and lots of hugs and happy thoughts are coming your way.
Thanks for the invite.

rahul said...

Oh Gawd am I to be dragged into this all over again!
Ok, Am ready for more drama then..

Monty said...

Glad you're back online mate! Looking forward to all the good stuff that's yet to happen! :-)

JUSTIN said...

“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.”

Yes, I was "forced" to read Charlotte Bronte in high school.

Onwards and upwards from your Yank mate!

Julie said...

I can't wait to have you back in the world of blogging, Sweet SB!! I love you Honey... let's celebrate life together, hey!!


Your Pinky xo

Julie said...

Grrr.. where's my picture?!?!

Tom said...

Glad to be invited to your new blog. Onwards and Upwards! :)

PS... just read your about me bit... you brush your teeth twice a day?! Crikey, how reckless! Ummm... isn't that what everyone does or is there something I don't know?! ;)

tyler said...

thanks for the invite and your new blog: private or otherwise.

Tequilla Mockingbird said...

Hey there!

How cloak and dagger. It is too utterly too! It feels so secretive, that I am tempted to read your blog with a veil and adopt an alias.

Thanks for the invite to read this most private of blogs dear boy.

TM xx

Cheri said...

Thank you for the invite.

It's an honour.

Good decision in not wallowing in the past. Maybe, I should follow your example and just move on.

~A said...

Hey hun! Thanks for the invite. I hope things are well with you. Miss you!

Crazy Sam said...

Our babies will be celebrating their birthdays with just five days difference! :P

Jay said...

Hey SSD:

Thanks for the invite buddy! Looking forward to having you back in the blogging world again.

Silly Billy said...

SSD - Glad you are still around here.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Thanks for the invite .... I was almost feeling like that kid who comes to his prom alone ... :P ...