Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Milano Baby

Milan baby. The Dreamer is off to Milan tmrw. Woo hoo. Well its just for the day... but who cares? Right now my philosophy is: one should never resist spending well earned money on ones self. Plus its like Fashion week or something I'm told and that can never be a bad time to go to Milan.

The week after that I have a week-long trip to Turkey. Recent circumstances have had me to my wits end with certain people but there are days where I feel like a new dawn is just around the corner.. others unfortunately where it feels like there is no end to the sucky life that seems to linger on me like a bad smell. So with all that in mind Turkey is gonna be heaven - I'm gonna leave my phone at home and pretend the world doesn't exist anymore. It will be fab.

Plus in November, the Sardinian gang is headed to Amsterdam (woo hoo) for a long weekend - well except Rahul who will be the exception but he claims he can't come and has some valid reasoning (in his mind anyway).

I'm finally getting caught up with the blogs I've been neglecting recently. My iPhone is certainly helping as it means that I can catch up on a few blogs during my train journey home. I think there are still 2/3 I still need to frequent and update the blogroll to the ones I've missed out. What ever happened to Kev in NZ? Has anyone got a link to his blog - I can't seem to locate mine anymore :o(

Anyways better dash - just got in from Excel Training (which was such a waste of my department's training budget but at least I had a day off work) and I've yet to kick back in joggers.

Kisses to all xXx


Monty said...

Kev's linked to my blog mate. But he hasn't blogged for a few months. He's a bit hit and miss at the mo. I might actually send him a text to see if all is ok with him.

As for your trips, excellent. Hope you pick up a nice Italian in Milan and in Turkey, well, a nice Turkish man (if it's allowed). ;-) And Amsterdam, a lovely Dutch boy (I do like the Dutch boys...they're very, cough cough, well favoured in the trouser department! ) Blush! :-)

Jay said...

Quite a bit of travel there buddy! I hope you enjoy both Milan and Turkey. I'm hoping to travel all over Europe during my 5 months there. You can give me all of the scoop!

Cheri said...

Unless training involves a trip to the seaside or a drink later that evening, it's always a waste of company money.

Wow, holidays no end...u must be living the life.

Meanwhile, I quit facebook recently because I was getting sucked up...now I feel so free.
*It's good that if I want I can re-join without hustle because I miss it more than I can admit.)

franck said...

More importantly, where am I on your blog roll?! ;-)

Oh, and everything Monty says about Dutch boys is totally true. Obviously.

Bon voyage!

tyler said...

i hope you had a cool time in milano.
i will beback in europe after christmas this year: as in i leave for london or frankfurt (not sure which as i type this) on december 26.
i will be in europe for a month: whoo-hoo. on the itinerary is of course london, paris,berlin and i want to go to the czech republic to check out all these handsome dudes i hear are there (look, don't touch of course).

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Excel training?? Boy, I used to hate such training sessions. Yup, there can never be a bad time to go to Milan. And don't miss the lovely sweet shops in Turkey.

Enjoy ....

Tom said...

Have fun travelling. Don't run up too huge a bill on your iPhone whilst you're away! :)

Tequilla Mockingbird said...

Sounds like you are doing a bit of a world tour- are you really Madonna in disguise?

Enjoy Turkey- I've been twice and I love it,(Olu Deniz & Fethiye) and the men are YUM. Seriously, some of them were so delicious, they had to be fattening.

And as for Milan- taht is just too totally too, and during fashin week, to be sure.

T x

Julie said...

Heya Babes, good to hear you're taking some very well deserved time for yourself!! I hope your vacays recenter and rejuvenate you! Does that mean you're in Turkey as I'm writing this?

Looking forward to the update when you get home, SB! xoXox

Julie said...

Just wondering when Red Deer's on your list so I know when to have my guest bedroom ready! ;O) ((TIGHT HUGS))