Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

Blimey how on Earth has another year passed me by already? There is so much I have yet to do, so many things yet to see, so so so very many things.

This is about the time of my yearly dit where I look back on the year gone.

This has been one of the best & most interesting years of my life and at the same time the worse too.

Whilst my initial meeting with X was a sexually charged cat & mouse game.. the relationship we now share has evolved well beyond that. He has earnt the rank & position of one of my dearest friends. He is akin to family now - that essentially sums up everything perfectly.

With him (X) in my life many many others have come. Some have stayed.. some have gone. But the important ones have all stayed & my relationship with them all has gone from strenght to strenght. Through him I met the Twin. And well she merits a specific standalone mention.

I met Charles this year too. I'll just say lessons have been learnt & leave it at that. However I do think he will forever define & shape my future relationships. But like they say 'live and learn'.

Meeting Jules & Jay for the first time - no words there. So great.

I suppose this now leaves the need to look forward. Unlike previous years I'm not gonna make a chain of New Year Resolutions but just a few:


Not sure how I'll achieve this but I'll be damned if I don't try.


Jules said...

Oh SB, meeting you was a definite highlight of my 2008 too!! Thank you for being the wonderful (and I must say slightly intoxicating) man that you are! I just can't get enough of you! Guess that's why we're SB and SS. I hope we can have some time together this year too.

The new years resolutions are about the best you could have made!! My only one was to try to be a healthy happy person. Whatever that encapsulates, so be it.

Mega love and hugs, Sweetie!

Madgal said...

i like your 'short and simple' approch to your new years resolutions. I wasn't going to publish my resolutions but i will now, i think. I will have to ponder that. Anyway as i ahve not know you long can i just ask one question, and you don't have to answer ( you could just tell me to mind my own biz)

Is English's real name Charles??

Like i said you dont have to answer!!

Hope you have a great year.


GB said...

But how about:

4. Update my blog regularly!

You know if makes sense :-).

Love and kisses, GB xxx

Robyn said...

hey.then i should say Happy new year right."HAPPY NEW YEAR".I LOVE YOUR APPROACH.

Jay said...

SSD, meeting you was by far one of the best things to happen out of my trip to London.

You welcomed me into your group with open arms and you guys are making it much harder for me to leave....

And in response to your comment on my "reasons to love London" post, I did give you a standalone mention on my "looking back in 2008" post. :p

Monty said...

Mate, have a great 2009! Whatever it brings, remember to stay true to yourself and keep smiling that sexy smile!