Sunday, 13 September 2009


I just felt that the former blog's look was just a tad too drab.

Pah I'd forgotten how much of a pain in the ass changing the template can be.

Well I'm pleased to say I like the final outcome.


that's J-O-S-H said...

Oooooh! I loves dis! I need to learn how to customize my blog to this fabo extent...aka how did you get those menus to align like that on the right!?!??

Swats said...

Its coooool...loved it!

It somehow reminded me of my elementary class :)

Jules said...

I totally completely LOVE this new look, Mere Bhaiya! Hope you don't mind, this is my new (and favorite) term of endearment for you! xo

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

All: Thanks peps