Sunday, 21 December 2008

Blog Changes

Hmmm I've been a shite blogger recently and things ought to get better now (I hope).

I've tinkered about with the settings of the blog so I'm somewhat comfortable with it now.

I've disabled the post feed function - I know some people do use that but for reasons I'm not really wanting to highlight here I'd rather this was a disabled function (at the moment anyways) so my apologies for this.

Further to that, I've also disabled the archive facility and thus the ability to go through my previous posts is not possible.

My iPhone has created the need for another alter-ego to access my own blog (don't even ask) so you'll note there are now 2 Soul Seared Dreamers around... both ultimately do lead back here (I think they do)

And finally something that has chafed me right from the onset (and is one of the reasons why I've not been blogging much).. is the current invitation-only restriction and at present I'm toying with the idea of removing it. I've not decided yet but I do think it likely that I will do so.


tyler said...

well fuck george, it's about time that you have returned.
at least i can wish you a merry christmas.
i hope all is healed in your love life and that you are ready for a new, better relationship.

rahul said...

Open the Pandora's box again, brown narcissus.

Jules said...

That's alright, SB, I'm just thrilled to have you back!!! I have no idea what a post feed function does anyway, so we're still cool there!!

Merry Christmas, Lovey... I love you!!

Pinky xxoxx

Crazy Sam said...

I live on blog feeds. So I really do wish in the near future you turn that thingy on. In the mean time, I'll adjust with your super-protective blog setup, but I'm so glad that you're back!!